SEO vs PPC: Which Will Ultimately Win?

SEO or PPC, both seem to have a part to play in driving or bringing traffic to a website but which is better and which will win

What is SEO and what is PPC?

SEO is an attempt by a website owner to rank their site at the top of a search engine’s page. A variety of resources exist to assist websites in achieving this ranking. These include: Free Online Tools to Learn SEO. These include Google’s own webmaster tools, the Urchin parser, and Moz’s web spam report. The Google webmaster tool or the search engine rankings. This is important because the search engine updates the rankings, and if the rankings are incorrect, then it can bring down a website. A variety of paid resources that can assist in the promotion of a website and its ranking. If you are thinking that a site has a strong product or service, then an SEO campaign might not be required.


The benefits of SEO


What is SEO and what is PPC?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the two terms (meaning paid marketing), they may seem similar. However, SEOs will be of the opinion that what we have today are two different entities; in fact, there are different names and descriptions that both have. With PPC, it is the movement of your adverts, keywords and paying for ad space, while with SEO, it is the maintaining and replying to inquiries. While the public views SEO as marketing and marketing as search engine optimization, and PPC as search engine optimisation, SEO is the management of the website and the creation of content that will attract visitors. PPC is the buying of ad spaces on a website to carry out the marketing.


The benefits of SEO

  1. Faster up-time
  2. Higher CTR.
  3. Better conversions
  4. Better authority
  5. More direct traffic

The benefits of PPC
More competitive Ad Networks

1 click bidding 3. Top 100 Ad Networks 4. More visibility 5. Direct traffic SEO vs PPC: How to make best out of both? In the current digital marketing world, any website owner would be wise to take on a calculated effort to combine both SEO and PPC. More than ever, as we get stronger over time with the help of search engines and social media, there are fewer and fewer reasons to leave out SEO. Some may consider both SEO and PPC to be the same thing; however, the fact is that they are different and more than likely, they could be worth mixing and matching depending on what you have at hand.


The benefits of PPC

PPC advertising is most common for larger online businesses looking to gain a quick boost in their sales, at the cost of a campaign which can be lengthy. PPC is a digital marketing tool which allows businesses to send marketing messages via search engines. One of the first steps to using PPC is to choose your keywords which will be used on Google and other search engines for ranking. This is usually done through proper SEO tactics.


The drawbacks of SEO

It is harder to get users to your website. It needs to be optimized to rank higher in search engines. It is a time consuming process. It requires understanding SEO and best practices. SEO or PPC: Which will ultimately win? According to Richard Bann, founder and CEO at MBB Digital, these two have to be paired up or fully integrated with each other. When it comes to website conversions, Bann maintains that without one, the other will come to a stop. “To fully win in the new marketing world, it is vital to figure out where your website needs to rank in search engines to get the traffic to your site. This means working with your PPC or SEO team to optimize your Google Adwords or Google Adwords account.

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The drawbacks of PPC

To start with, it’s really hard to argue that PPC is not a valuable asset and it can be very useful in many areas where content lacks. However, there are several things that you need to keep in mind before you jump into the PPC bandwagon. Lack of competition You can hire a content writer to create attractive content on a website, put it on your social media pages, and then hire a PPC agency to promote and drive traffic to your website. This will work and you can expect good ROI. However, if there’s nothing similar on the same niche and the content is not 100% attractive, you will have to contend with a lot of irrelevant traffic and not so many conversions.



Analyzing the worth of paid versus organic traffic will certainly help you in choosing a better platform for reaching your goal.

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