To ensure the growth and success of your local business, you need customers. And one of the best ways to get customers is through promotion. Considering that today the internet plays a significant role in everyday life, many marketing efforts are transferred online. This helps remove regional boundaries and allows small local businesses to stay competitive even with stronger players on the market. However, because the competition is still considerable, you will need to use different strategies to promote your local business online. Luckily, the options are many, from entirely free ways to advertise to those that require payments.

Some of the best ways to promote your local business online

Online promotion is essential if you want to stand above your competitors and reach your potential customers. Before, there were only a few limited options – through different media forms like television and newspapers. But now that most of them also exist online, coupled with other media types, you have more opportunities than ever. All you need to do is to overcome your suspicions and step into the digital world. The newfound perspective will help you spread the word about your business much faster than before and provide you with a constant inflow of potential customers. Looking at the bigger picture, if you don’t do it, your competitors most definitely will.

To help you better understand the situation, here are some of the most efficient ways to promote your local business online:

  • Google My Business for your local business
  • Create a business website
  • Utilize local SEO for your business
  • List in the local directories
  • Optimize and maintain your listings
  • Create a blog on your business website
  • Promote on social media

Google My Business for your local business

Considering that Google is one of the largest search engines, you should focus on utilizing everything it has to offer. One of the free solutions you should use for your local business promotion is Google My Business (GMB). It’s a simple tool that allows businesses to make their listings so users can easily find them online. In essence, it combines listings, maps, and additional information about your local business and conveniently presents it to everyone who is searching for a particular service or product.

There is only one caveat, as with all search engines, you need to invest time and effort if you want to be on top results. This is not an easy thing to do. However, teaming up with AZ Citation Services can help you manage your listings. Once you hit those top positions, your GMB profile will promote your business on its own. All you need to do later on is maintain it.

A woman searching for the business address on Google maps.
Make sure you provide accurate information so visitors can find you.

Create a business website

Without a doubt, having a website for your business today is a must. Most people who are browsing the internet searching for something have a similar goal – to find a website and explore what it has to offer. And for business owners, a website is a perfect promotional solution to display their offering. Even if you already have a business profile on social media, GMB, and similar platforms, you still want to create a professional-looking website for promotion.

And not only for promotion. A website also gives you the necessary room to represent your company better, build your brand, and establish relationships with visitors. In addition, you can use your website to measure the success of your marketing efforts. It will also allow you to consider vital changes in your marketing strategy if the situation demands.

Results from analytics on a smartphone and tablet, used to promote your local business online better.
To better promote your local business online, always analyze your website and improve it.

Utilize local SEO for your business

Speaking of marketing strategies, one way to improve your local business promotion is to focus on local SEO. When you want people from the area to find you, you need to optimize your website and listing with local intent. This includes a significant amount of smaller tasks that work like cogs in your marketing machinery. With an excellent local SEO strategy, you stand a chance against other businesses in the market, especially in your geographical location.

Here is what you need to pay attention to when optimizing for local searches:

  • Analyze targeted audience from your business location
  • Check what your local competitors are doing marketing-wise
  • Target keywords specific to the area of your business operations
  • Focus on providing industry-related content for your region
  • Create listings on websites from your area
  • Carry out with other optimization techniques and improve your website performance

List in the local directories

Creating your GMB profile is necessary, but that’s not the only thing you should do. You also need local business listings. There are major directories that might require a small fee to submit, but it’s worth it. There are also local places like local websites, chambers of commerce, .gov and .edu domains, and many more. The main reason to submit here is that local listings are affordable and beneficial and can significantly help increase your business visibility in the area.

Optimize and maintain your listings

To get the best results out of your listings, it’s not enough only to create them. You need to keep them up to date and constantly maintain them. With all the information, including your business location, contact information, images, posts, working hours, and others, even a minor error can cause a lot of confusion. Everything has to be consistent and accurate.

Create a blog on your business website

Many business websites don’t have a blog. This is a mistake because it can improve your SEO immensely. By providing quality content relevant to your business, you create more space to implement valuable SEO elements on your website. It also helps you engage your audience and establish a closer relationship with them. Given the fact that Google highly values user experience, you also earn points for better ranking positions.

Promote on social media

With all the content you create, it’s time to improve your promotion efforts further. You can do this with the help of social media channels. It’s a free way to spread the word about your business and attract valuable clients. There are numerous platforms you can use for marketing, but some of the major are:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter

Besides these most popular platforms, other websites might also have a category that is specific to your industry—for example, groups and posts on Reddit and Pinterest. You can also partner up with social media influencers to significantly expand the pool of potential consumers.

Social media buttons on a smartphone screen.
Almost everyone uses at least one of the major social media platforms.

For local businesses, it’s essential to remain competitive. That’s the only way to take their place in the market. However, results might not come overnight. But, with the right efforts and intelligent choices, you will be able to promote your local business online easily.


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